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PQM-711 Power Quality Analyzer

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PQM-711 Power Quality Analyzer
PQM-711 Power Quality Analyzer

• The included 10” touch screen tablet is a virtual display allows to easy operate the analyzer.
• Remote control and data transfer through a built-in GSM modem (GPRS).
• Anti-theft feature – SMS notification in the event of position change (built-in GPS receiver).
• Real-time clock synchronized to GPS protocol.
• Remote control of the analyzer via Wi-Fi and the Sonel Analysis Mobile application

Measured parameters
• Transients up to ±8000 V with max. sampling frequency 10 MHz. Minimal transient time is 650 ns (only PQM-711)
• Voltages L1, L2, L3, N, PE (five measurement inputs) – average, minimum, maximum and instant values within the range up to
1000 V, interoperability with voltage transducers.
• Currents L1, L2, L3, N (four measurement inputs) – average, minimum, maximum and instant values, current measurement
within the range up to 6 kA (depending on applied current clamp), interoperability with current transducers.
• Measurement of control signals up to 3000 Hz.
• Crest factors for current (CFI) and voltage (CFU).
• Frequency within the range of 40 Hz – 70 Hz.
• Active power (P), reactive power (Q), distortion power (D), apparent power (S) with identification of the nature of reactive power
(capacitive, inductive).
• Calculation of reactive power using the Budeanu method and IEEE 1459 method.
• Active energy (EP), reactive energy (EQ), apparent energy (ES).
• Power factor, cosφ, tanφ.
• K factor (transformer overload caused by the harmonics).
• Up to 50th harmonics for voltage and current.
• Interharmonics measured as groups.
• Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) for voltage and current.
• Short-term (PST) and long-term (PLT) flicker (IEC 61000-4-15 class A).
• Unbalance of voltage (IEC 61000-4-30 class A) and current.
• Current events detection including waveforms recording.
• Current and voltage events recording with waveforms (up to 1 s) and RMS1/2 graphs with 30 s maximum recording time.
• Current and voltage waveforms recording after each averaging period.
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Wide range of mains to

Wide range of mains to analyze
• With rated frequency 50/60 Hz
• With rated voltages: 64/110 V;110/190 V; 115/200 V; 120/208 V
127/220 V; 133/230 V; 220/380 V; 230/400 V; 240/415 V; 254/440 V;
265/460 V; 277/480 V, 290/500 V, 400/690 V
• Direct current
• Systems

split-phase with common N
three-phase – WYE with and without N conductor
three-phase – Delta
three-phase – WYE and Delta Aron
with current and voltage transducers

PQM-710 and PQM-711 have all the advantages of the PQM-702 and PQM-703
analyzers: a built-in GPS receiver ensuring real time clock accuracy and an
integrated GSM modem that facilitates remote analyzer operation. Like PQM703, PQM-711 is also equipped with a transient recorder (sampling frequency
10 MHz, voltage range up to ±8000 V).
A dedicated tablet with Sonel Analysis software significantly increases the
functionality and freedom of handling measurements and diagnostics of power quality. An additional trump card of the analyzers is the built-in Wi-Fi communication module, providing a number of advantages: no restrictions on file
transfer, no data transfer costs, use of local wireless infrastructure... This gives
the user the opportunity to adapt to the conditions prevailing on the site. They
can supervise measurements from a convenient location – for example, an
area without electromagnetic interference

Displaying data
PQM-710 and PQM-711 can be operated using a tablet with dedicated, preinstalled software. The user can supervise the measurements and conduct
diagnostics while maintaining mobility – he doesn’t even have to be near the
analyzer. In typical applications, the tablet plays the role of a remote display
and an intermediate storage of measurement data with the functionality of
a router. Therefore, the user can also connect to it using a wireless network –
for example, to transfer the collected registrations to a desktop computer.

PQM-710 and PQM-711 are widely used in the professional power industry.
They provide full 4-quadrant analysis, meeting the needs of energy consumers and producers, such as renewable energy, including photovoltaic and wind
farms. They enable forecasting failures in distribution networks. They provide
analysis of the load capacity of networks and transformers, as well as recording their current states. In addition, they are powerful investment tools. Thanks
to PQM-710 and PQM-711, the user will obtain the necessary data for development of power infrastructure, predict potential problems, and finally – verify
the correctness and quality of implementation.


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